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Next to cold and warm roofs, allnex also provides fully reinforced modified bituminous waterproofing systems for inverted roof membrane assemblies with ballast on top.

This system uses Extruded Polystyrene thermal insulation (XPS) and can be covered by a ballast of pebble stones or concrete pavers on supports.


Cold Roof

For over 25 years, allnex has been waterproofing some of New Zealand's most iconic projects together with our long-term partner Soprema.

Soprema are the global leaders in modified bitumen membranes.  The Soprema group has currently more than 65 factories around the world and offers a wide variety of waterproofing membranes manufactured with SBS and APP modified bitumen technology.

Waterproofing buildings with SBS and APP modified bitumen membranes is a proven technology.  Our systems provide the utmost in durability and reliability ensuring watertight structures and peace of mind.

Soprema has been developing its bitumen technology for more than 100 years.  Their formulas and manufacturing process of SBS and APP modified bitumen membranes have been time-tested all over the world.

Our range of SBS and APP modified bitumen membranes can be applied using a variety of installation methods allowing our certified contactors and project/facility managers the flexibility to complete the job in any climate.

Flameless Solutions

A range of low-temperature products, including high-performance waterproofing membranes that can be installed during all seasons and without the use of propane-powered tools. These solutions address safety concerns for projects where the use of a flame is not permitted nor desired, as it is the case for hospitals, schools and plywood roof assemblies.

Green Roof - Cold

allnex is your partner to create a living green roof.

Check our APP and SBS modified, root-resistant Soprema waterproofing systems for extensive, semi-intensive and intensive green roof applications.

Green Roof - Warm

For our warm green roofs we combine our energy-efficient warm roof thermal insulation system with either a Soprema APP or SBS based root-resistant waterproofing membrane to give you the perfect solution for a fully insulated warm green roof.

LEED Certified Membranes

The SOPRASTAR cap sheet membranes reflect the sun rays, which reduces the temperature of the roof system, thus increasing its life expectancy while achieving an SRI of 82.  The use of SOPRASTAR white membranes contributes to the reduction of heat islands effect.  Moreover, life expectancy of the membrane is potentially extended due to the reduction of heat absorption in the systen but also due to the decrease of the roofing system's surface temperature (15 to 20 degrees celcius less than other colours)

Roofing Underlayments

Premium performance underlayment, protecting roofs since 1978.

For architects and roofing contractors, roofs are a source of everlasting concern.  70% of all construction litigation is related to leaks, and every leak is a lost opportunity, representing a cost to repair and a corresponding loss of customer trust. Severe weather seems to be the new normal and the risk of damage from ice dams and wind-driven rain are higher than ever.  Underlayments are the last line of defense in a roofing system, and selection of high quality underlayments can be the difference between success and failure.

Protecting the roofs of over 2 million homes, and installed on marquee projects in 25 countries since its introduction in 1978, these high performance solutions provide superior performance and excellent value.

Outperforming the competition, letting contractors shine and keeping families safe and dry.

Warm Roof

Soprema's Xpress Iso is a composite insulation board combining a layer of mineral wool with a polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation board and a modified bitumen base sheet. All layers are factory-laminated together and come as one layer.  PIR insulation, is already known for its thermal qualities, and when combined with mineral wool insulation, it gets even more effective and durable.  In addition, Xpress Iso significanlty reduces the application time on job sites.

Flexitherm is a graphite enhanced expanded polystyrene insulation which is locally manufactured.  Slopes can be created by cutting the insulation to falls making it easy to achieve the building code requiremens for slopes on a flat roof.

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Technical Information

Product Technical Data Sheets Specifications
Double Layer FLAMELESS Membrane    
Elastocol Stick Primer TDS  
Sopraply Stick Duo Base Sheet TDS Specification
Sopraply Stick Traffic Cap Sheet TDS  
Double Layer Torch On Membrane    
Soprasun App System TDS Specification
Sopralene Flam 180 SBS System TDS Specification
Soprema Garden Roof System    
Sopragum 4c Garden TDS  
Sopralene Jardin TDS  
Leed Certified Membrame    
Soprastar Stick GR TDS  
Warm Roof   Specification
Anti- Rock Primer TDS  
Xpress Iso
high performance insulating panel
Ice & Water Shield
self adhesive underlayment
Flexitherm TDS  
Sopravap'r TDS  
Sopraseal Sealant
solvent free, polyether sealant
non-yellowing surface sealer