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Canterlever Decks

TERRAFLEX is a fibreglass reinforced waterproofing deck membrane.  It is liquid applied in-situ to adapt to the design and shape of the area being waterproofed.  It is based on a high quality, durable acrylic resin.  

ULTRATUFF 001 FC is a reinforced liquid latex waterproofing deck membrane.  It is liquid applied in-situ to adapt to the design and shape of the area being waterproofed.

Decks over Living Space

APP and SBS modified reinforced bitumen membranes for double layer protection over habitable spaces.

Liquid Membrane

ALSAN TRAFIK HP 500 ZERO Series includes VOC free, high performance liquid waterproofing products, with low odour and 100% solids.  As one of Soprema's polyurethane products, this system consists of a primer, two polyurethane based two-component coatings, and an epoxy-based primer.

With its improved elongation and resistance to abrasion, the ALSAN TRAFIK HP 500 ZERO system protects surfaces exposed to foot and car traffic while ensuring seamless waterproofing.

SUPADECK is a polyurethane deck coating system which displays superior wear and UV resistance.  It is used to protect concrete and to provide slip resistance.

Sheet Membrane

BITUTHENE 5000 is also known as Heavy Duty Bituthene, a waterproofing material incorporating high strength, heat-resistant mesh embedded in a layer of self-adhesive rubberised asphalt.

It is supplied in rolls interwound with special release paper which protects the adhesive surface until ready for use and allows easy handling during installation.


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Alsan Trafik HP500 TDS Specification
Bituthene 5000 TDS Specification
Bituthene B2 Primer TDS Specification
Bituthene LM3000 TDS Specification
Supadeck MD TDS Specification
Soprasun  TDS Specification


TDS Specification
Terraflex TDS Specification
Ultratuff TDS Specification