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allnex recommend and promote licensed contractors due to their long term experience with these products and particiaption in training seminars and conferences.

These events promote information and skill sharing resulting in significant error avoidance and reduction of call-backs.  Many allnex contractors have been involved with these products for a number of generations in family business.

Some products are available to allnex licensed contractors only and other are available generally.  Allnex will only promote allnex contractors for specific installations.

Ask for the allnex contractors card or licence certification for proof!

Membership Benefits

The Federation, an organisation that has been running for over 50 years, offers members a wide range of benefits.

Some of the benefits of being a member of the ACFED contractors federation are to:

  • Brand your company in association with the allnex and the ACFED brand - products that are widely respected thorughout the construction industry.
  • Be called an allnex licenced contractor and receive an annual licence certificate to use with your tenders.

For further details please contact the ACFED Executive Officer or your local allnex representative.

  • Brand Your Company
  • Licenced Contractor
  • Training Program Subsidies
  • Outward Bound Scholarships
  • Promotional Activities
Membership Benefits


Why hire an allnex contractor?

Feel confident with a combo of a long term specialist contractor using one of New Zealand's top specialist construction product suppliers.

Experienced contrators who have been in the specialist application business for many years.

Value engineering: incentives exist for instllation full allnex systems.  Main contractors can be sure that they are getting a quality contractor using quality products at excellent market rates.

Pride in membership translates to quality workmanship.

Peer review: the contractor network has the ability to share information, share team skills and provide joint venture solutions.

NZQA Qualified applicators equates to quality installations, pride in workmanship - right first time contracting!

allnex and the licenced contractors work closely together to ensure the correct products and solutions are provided and selected.

Quality brands with experienced contractors means a great result ensues.

allnex technical staff are close at hand for advice and support.

Proof of membership: is your contractor really a fully approved contractor?





Why be an allnex contractor?

Be part of a combo of an experienced, long term contractor organisation alighed with one of New Zealand's top specialist construction product suppliers.

Enjoy the support of your peers in an organisation over 50 years old.

allnex fully promote and support your organisation.  allnex only recommend licenced contractors for specialist product installations.  your company will be on allnex contractor lists.

National advertising of the allnex contactors federation benefits your company directly.

Participate in regular seminars run for members, these offer technical training to you and or your staff.

Get support from allnex technical staff and the use of the allnex trade shop network for supply and collection of materials.

Enjoy access to the most widely accepted brands in the New Zealand construction market.

Full use of federation logos as well as logos and links to the allnex website.

Develop your business skills and become an executive member of the federation to shape the future of this specialist construction sector.

Receive an annual wall membership certificate for your office.  This will assist with TA acceptance.  Also have the federation membership credit card.


Get in touch with us to learn more about allnex

Federation Elected Executive Team


Position Name Company Contact Information
Executive Officer David Evans   Auckland: 021 661 609

Steve Moodie

Adhesion Sealing (2007) Ltd Dunedin
Area 1: Taupo North Victoria Hearn European Floor Toppings


Area 2: Taupo South Matt Wiig Eric Wiig Ltd Napier
Area 3: South Island Clint Richardt Ranger Specialist Coatings Ltd Timaru
allnex Representative Jim Ansley allnex Construction Products Auckland 021 677 721

For further advice or information, do not hesitate to contact the allnex technical team.

Phone: 0508 88 22 88



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ACFED Annual Conference

Event Date Location Award Winners
ACFED Conference May 2023 Christchurch

Top Resin Flooring Contractor
European Floor Topping

Top Waterproofing Contractor
Sansom Construction Systems

Allnex Award
Topcoat Specialist Finishes (NI)

Resin Flooring Project of the Year
BB Cunninghame

Waterproofing Project of the Year

Federation Award
Valley Coatngs
ACFED Conference Septemeber 2022 Taupo 2021

Top Resin Flooring Contractor
Topcoat (SI) Ltd

Top Waterproofing Contractor
Sansom Construction Systems

Allnex Award
Sealcrete NZ Ltd

Resin Flooring Project of the Year
European Floor Toppings Ltd

Waterproofing Project of the Year
Auckland Waterproofing Ltd

Federation Award
Access Gunac Auckland
ACFED Conference March 2021 Dunedin
Top Resin Flooring Contractor 
European Floor Toppings Ltd

Top Waterproofing Contractor
Sansom Construction Systems

Allnex Award
Sansom Construction Systems

Resin Flooring Project of the Year
Topcoat (SI)

Waterproofing Project of the Year
SWP Wellington, Wellington 

Acfed Federation Award
Total Waterproofing