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Internal Wet Areas

Internal Floors and Walls

Aquaguard 101 is a waterbased two component epoxy coating used for waterproofing walls and floors.

Applied to the internal face, it is often used to waterproof interior floors and walls from moisture ingress from outside or from under floor slabs.

Based on the proven Aquaguard 101 epoxy waterproofing, Situclad EWS is used for a more comprehensive waterproofing. Reinforced with fibreglass it forms a laminate membrane that is more durable than straight applied Aquaguard 101.

  • Aquaguard 101
  • Situclad EWS
  • Ultratuff
Internal Floors and Walls

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Product Technical Data Sheets Specifications
Aquaguard 101 TDS Specification
Situclad EWS TDS Specification
Ultratuff Under Tiles TDS Specification