Allnex are specialists in Safety Flooring. Allnex have been developing and producing safety flooring combining slip resistance, hygiene and practicality.

Allnex Construction Products stock a wide range of safety flooring in sheet vinyl and resin flooring screeds.


Safety flooring in a commercial sports facility application


  • Effective slip resistance reduces accident and liability claims
  • Long life ensures cost effective installations
  • Easy to clean surface for simple maintenance
  • Flexible for easy installation in confined areas.
  • Resistant to wear, water, acid and most chemicals
  • Elimination of joints and in-built bacteriostat ensure hygienic installations
  • Comfortable underfoot, with reduction in noise and stress
  • Can be installed over most existing floors, saving time and money


Safety flooring in a commercial kitchen application

Formwall Lining




Formwall Lining

A sheet finish hygienic wall lining. Formwall is a fully integrated wall lining that forms an hygienic, smooth finish that combines with
Allnex vinyl and Allnex resin floors

(see data on Protective Finishes Page )