Soprasun and Sopralene are types of double layer membranes forming durable roofing systems.

The first layer (Soprasun 3 or Sopralene flam 180) are torched to the primed substrate. Then the final (cap, top) layer, Soprasun 4AR or Sopralene Flam 180 AR, is fully torched over the base sheet.

The double layer systems effectively isolates the substrate and any movement. It may be used with or without insulation.

These torch on systems are relatively quickly installed and offer protection to concrete and plywood roofs.

These systems offer durable, flexible, long lasting roofing on flat and near flat roofs. The double layer system ensures defect free, tough and reliable roofing.


SOPRASUN membranes should be torch-welded. The deck must be rigid, dry, smooth and clean of all debris and foreign matters. It is advisable to first apply side lap. Roll material back again, torch the underside of the membrane to the deck, and then unroll it slowly and uniformly, pressing it down with you feet to endure bonding.

Roll end overlapping should be in the direction towards the drainage points. The overlap on the roll end should measure at least 10 cm. Torch both parts to join and smooth out the bitumen on the receiving part by means of a trowel.

SOPRASUN membranes can be laid in either cold or hot weather conditions.