Terrazzo type Resin Flooring

Allnex Architectural Terrazzite has been widely used in new Zealand & Australia for over 30 years. It is a thin-set resin flooring that does not require set downs. It cures in just a few hours allowing rapid job progression. The base effect is supplied by the colour of the Allnex resin and a mixture of a variety of colours and sizes of marble aggregates. it is then progressively diamond ground, diamond polished and finished with sealers. It is applied in a unlimited range of patterns and designs; including logos.
Architectural Terrazzite is also referred to as Terrazzite, ATZ or just AT by many people.

Architectural Terrazzite offers the designer an unlimited palette to fulfill any design options.
Standard Architectural Terrazzite is the most economical but there is a slight smell during application only.

Architectural Terrazzite ZV is fully odour free.


Architectural Terrazzite at new arrivals hall Auckland Airport. May 2008


An attractive marble terrazzo bound together with resins to give a tough sealed surface (6mm)