Allnex Construction Products manufactures a range of repair systems and protective interior finishes suitable for commercial and hygienic environments where a high quality, hard wearing finish is necessary.

Formwall Hygienic Lining

is a sheet smooth finish and impact resistant wall lining which may be thermoformed to create smooth internals and external corners.

FORMWALL is a fully integrated internal wall lining that forms an hygienic, smooth finish that combines with Allnex safety floors and resin floors (see datasheet on right). In can be used in situations where Marlite, Whiterock or Hardiglaze is common.

Situflex is a pure acrylic, high build coating suitable for walls and ceilings.

Situclad VE is a highly chemical resistant liner for chemical bunds and tanks

Fibreclene is a tough , fiberglass wall cladding that is resistant to chemicals, physical damage and heat. It is applied over concrete and other wall surfaces.

Situclad E WCS is a smooth, tough wall liner (similiar to Fibreclene) but based on a waterbased epoxy system enabling installation in all sensitive envronments.

Above - Situflex as a durable wall coating in a walk-in shower

Above - Springhill Prison 2006- Sureshield flooring with Fibreclene protective lining on all walls, ceilings and surfaces.