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Resin Flooring

Sureshield Floor Surfacing

Nuthane SB

IND_DEC Terrazzite Floor Surfacing

Resin Floor Surfacing

Architectural Terrazzite Floor Surfacing


Traxite Colourfine - Polyester

Surecote 200

Waterproofing and Tanking

Bituthene 3000 Tanking

Bituthene 5000 Car Deck

Preprufe Tanking

Preprufe and Bituthene Combined Tanking

Roofing Membranes

Soprafix HP Roofing Membrane

Sopralene Roofing Membrane

Soprasun Roofing Membrane

Sopralene Garden / Green Roofing Membrane

Concrete Covered  Membrane SBS

Flexitherm Insulated Roof

Insulated Roof Garden

Concrete Covered  Membrane APP

Sopraboard Overlay Renewal

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Floor Surfacing

Protective Finishes

Allnex Formwall