The companies and individuals listed are licensed to advise on and apply the various materials and finishes manufactured by the
Allnex Construction Products
Division Of Allnex Industries Ltd.

logoAllnex recommend and promote licenced contractors due to their long term experience with these products and participation in training seminars and conferences. These events promote information and skill sharing which results in significant error avoidance and reduction of call-backs. Many Allnex contractors have been involved with these products for a number of generations in family businesses. Some products are available to Allnex Licenced Contractors only and others are available generally. However Allnex will only promote Allnex Contractors for specific installations. The lists opposite make it very clear who are Allnex Contractors. Ask for the Allnex Contractors Card or Licence certificate (updated annually) for proof.


General Allnex Contractors apply wall and floor coatings and handle the following products:
Aquaguard 101, Multitone, Situclad, Situflex, Traxite, Terratuff, Surfaglaze, Terraflake, Whisper , Surecote 200, Flexiglaze, Supaset, Teratuff SLE, Soprema & Bituthene. They also are licensed to apply these speciality coating products:
Flexicote and jointing systems


Resin Flooring Contractors apply floor coatings and membranes (as above & below) but also are licensed to apply these speciality floor topping products:
Sureshield, Nuthane, Supascreed, Surecote 500AR, Rapidfloor MMA, Fibreclene, Surechem VE, Terrazzite, Situclad VE, Industrial, Terrazzite, Architectural Terrazzite (Also ZV), Decorative Terrazzite.


Allnex Membrane Contractors apply the following products:
Torch-on Roofing: Soprema (Soprasun, Sopralene , Soprafix, Jardin, Soprastik), Waterproofing / Tanking: Bituthene (2000, 3000, 5000, 6000). Preprufe 160 & 300.
The contractor list details those with specific experience.