Allnex construction products in New Zealand have been appointed master distributors for BASF construction products from April 2013.


These systems include:


Allnex will stock, represent and supply these high performance systems around NZ.


April 2012 BASF product SYSTEM range in NZ as suppied by Allnex
NB: this is only part of the full range available.
Products are detailed in other lists and datasheets that make up the systems.
Epoxy topping CONCRESIVE epoxy resin Epoxy bonding resin A 3:1
CONCRESIVE 2530 INJECTION epoxies Epoxy injection
Mastertop 180 Coloured Epoxy Coating
Polyurethane traffic deck coating CONIDECK and CONIROOFSystem Exterior concrete car deck coating. UV stable, flexible  and durable.  System 2269
UCRETE Polyurethane floor topping - Industrial UCRETE SYSTEMS: DP6, DP9, UD200 Industrial floor topping for hygienic food factories and food prep.
Structural  Grouts and mortars Master EMACO S5400 CI Cementious shrinkage compensated structural repair mortar - Highest performance
Master EMACO S902 Cementious rapid set mortar for underwater use.
Master EMACO S488 CI High strength thixotropic mortar
Master EMACO N5200 CI Cementious, fast set, Universal polymer  modified, fibre reinforced, repair, leveling, Light weight. High yield.
Master EMACO N5100 Cement fairing compound.
Master EMACO S5300 CI Cementious, light-weight,  polymer  modified, fibre reinforced, structural repair mortar
Flowable grouts for Construction MASTERFLOW 870 Very high strength, non-shrink precision grout
MASTERFLOW 880 Ultra high strength, non-shrink precision grout; Iron reinforced for wear resistance.
MASTERFLOW 810 High strength grout,
longer working time.
MASTERFLOW 700 Pumpable SP grout
Concrete retarders and curing compunds MASTERFINISH 380  (EXPOSE) Waterbased surface retarder for exposed aggregate
Masterkure 111 Evaporation Retardant
Masterkure 100 WB Wax based water containing curing compound
Masterkure 250 Water based hydrocarbon curing compound
Masterkure 404 Water based clear acrylic curing compound
Reinforcements Mbrace Carbon fibre concrete reinforcement & strengthening. Full Approvals
Concrete Sealers MASTERTOP 333 20L Silicate dust arrester and surface hardener.
MASTERTOP 105 Silicon carbide surface hardner
Sealants SONOLASTIC ULTRA SEALANT Security - non-pick
(carton of 20 sausages)
Floor underlayments Mastertop P505 Floor underlayment, rapid setting feather finish
Mastertop P510 Floor underlayment, Self levelling
Mastertop P515 Floor underlayment, Self levelling, ultrasmooth
Mastertop P530 Floor underlayment, Self levelling,  bulk fill
Mastertop P546 Floor underlayment, rapid set, trowel